Welcome to "Chad's Run Across America” donation page!

All donations will go towards fueling and supporting Chad throughout his run across America. Funds will go directly to body recovery, food, hydration and gas. Your donations will help keep the RV rolling to California where I will be finishing my run!

Your support is greatly appreciated – with your contribution you will help make this journey a great success!

Thank you!

special thanks to those who have already donated - 
Bob & Cathy Smith - FL
Barrett Byers - CA
Andrea Jones - IL
Heather McCoy - WV
Jimmy Stokes - FL
Jonathan & Amber Benincosa - WV
Vickie Crowder - WV
Keri Riley Smith - OH
Nikki Tennis - WV
Heath Frazier - WV
Louis Cimino - FL
Jim & Brenda Riley - WV
Dave & Nancy Gable - OH
Mike & Jan Wiedemann - OH
Bunie & Evelyn Harper - WV
Dan Bozenka - FL
Chris Wickland - PA
Tyler Parris - WA
Pam Proctor Criscitiello - TX
Dave & Valerie Phillips - FL
Bryan Mantz - FL
Monica Kappel - FL
Erica McKay - FL
Jennifer Hutchins - FL
Sarah Cash - NC
Matthew Tomes - WV
Amy Jarvis Albert - AL
Randy Lebowitz - FL
Susan Jabbour - WV
Eric Glasser - MD
Howe Cute Children's Clothing Boutique & Gifts - WV
Martin & Valerie Howe - WV
John Mason - WV
Louis Cimino - FL
Julie Tomes - WV
Brenda Haught - WV
Karen Paris & Thomas McNelley - MA
Kathleen Woodward - CO
Andrea Jones - IL
Curtis Gandy II - FL
Edward Spinelli - NH
Eric Mantz - WV
Andrew Schellenberg - FL
Jake Jacobs - FL
Linda Kephart - AL
Elizabeth Walcott - PA
James Gaiser - IL
Bill & Shirley Bowie - WV
Tom & Marilyn Lee - WV
Carolyn & Phil Southern - WV
Janet Harris - NC
Anita Cottrill - WV
Garry Dodson - TN
P.J. Cooper - LA
Karen Staton - WV
Jack & Charlene Hargest - FL
Andrea Jones - IL
John Mason - WV
Suzanne Wilson - WV
Greg Felts - WV
Rebecca McDonough - OH
Jerry Peterson - MN
Sarah - LA
Matt Looker - KY
Christopher Edwards - WV
Louis Cimino - FL
Will Hornor - NC
Pauline Lee - OH
Mindy age 11 & her Grandmother - TX
Cynthia Moore - WV
Jason Wyne - WV
Genaro Tovar - TX
Tim & Melanie Gentilozzi - WV
John Scott - WV
Rebecca & Scott Messe - WV
Mary & Ben Proctor - MD
Jennifer Stumpo Duarte - WV
Gail Peterson - MN
Keri Brown - WV
Ruth Yunk - NJ
Jerome Fertitta - TX
Mary Sigmon - WV
Roger Burr - GA
Deborah McDougal - WV
John Mason - WV
Andrea Jones - IL
Jim & Barbara Reed - WV
Janet Harris - NC
Karen Staton - WV
Paul & Lucy Hornor - WV
Steve & Jennie Dorsey - FL
Dan & Judy Wheeler - WV
Tera & Josh Seckman - WV
Gretchen Palek - NY
Elizabeth Richards - PA
Donna Eakle - WV
Maud L Quinn- WV
LCD3D Productions - FL
Ricky Rock - WV
Steve Renee Beam - OR
Sheldon Roush - GA
Margaret Lowther - WV
Jack Lewis - WV
William Harker - NJ
Clint Stealey - OH
David D'Antonio - FL

A Huge Thank You to Kristi Lucas Grimes for organizing a benefit auction to help raise funds for Mental Health Awareness.  She put in a bunch of time and effort to organize the benefit.  So Thank You Kristi for all that you did!

Various other donations - 
Emory Oldaker (WV) donated a 3 month supply of ViShape nutrition drink mix.

Tyler Ford (AZ) donated a 2 month supply of Nutra cookies.

Taryn Whitefield (OK) donated a 1 month supply of ViShape nutrition drink mix.

Emily & Ressa@ Zimmerman Agency - Firehouse Subs - Pace, FL - Thanks for feeding us lunch, the gift cards, and t-shirt. We really appreciate your hospitality. 

Oops Alley - Pace, FL - Thanks for the food, bowling, entertainment and letting us park the RV at your business for the evening.

Brooks for donating a running shirt, two pairs of shorts, a thermal jacket, and running pants.

Jo's from Austin, TX gave a gift certificate.

Jason Wyne, WV gave a pair of Pure Flow 2 Brooks Running Shoes.

A big Thank You to the ladies at the Ozona, TX Holiday Inn, not only did they donate us a room on June 17th but they also donated one tonight June 18th! 
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